Flaggerade can control up to 4 separate flagger locations with a single interface.


Motorists are more likely to stop in a Flaggerade setup.


Flaggerade provides a more reliable and durable flagging service.


Flaggerade gets your work zone up and running fast.

Flaggerade on the Jobsite


Flaggerade, A Smart Work Zone Company is bringing a new and improved flagging service to your construction sites.  The Flaggerade automated flagger system we provide will help streamline flagging operations to ensure that your work zone is safe and properly set-up for traffic flow. This new service provided by Flaggerade offers the use of an Automated Flagger Assistance Device (AFAD)  that is designed to be the ‘smart choice’ for people looking for a more efficient, reliable and safer temporary flagger set-ups.

At Flaggerade, we are changing the traditional human flagging system by providing this smart flagger service. The Flaggerade service will be removing human flaggers from a dangerous position in the work zone and applying the latest flagging technology to be your partner in the work zone. Not only will this service provide a safer work zone vs. having a traditional flagger near the flow of traffic, it offers a new approach to flagging operations. This new smart AFAD system allows for one certified Flaggerade operator to manage the entire operation from leading edge software at their fingertips.

Traffic Control Just Got Smarter

The Flaggerade service
capabilities include:

  • Safer, more manageable worksites
  • Motorists are more likely to stop
  • 24 Hour Video Surveillance
  • Intrusion alarms to warn site workers
  • Reduces accident claim liability
  • Reliable and durable
  • Better site management
  • Fast set-up and tear-down to get you working
  • Improves workers safety in the work zone
  • Ability to control 4 separate flagger locations with a single interface