Trafficade Traffic Control Division

Complete Traffic Control Services

Safety is the main priority with any job—for workers and the public both. Trafficade Services offers certified equipment and traffic control services for use during the duration of your job, to provide the best and smoothest experience for everyone involved. These services include:

    • Lane Closures & Diversions, Street & Freeway Closures
    • ATSSA Certified Technicians
    • Huge Inventory of Traffic Control Devices
    • Concrete and Water Barrier
    • ADA Compliant Pedestrian Barricades & Ramps

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24-Hour Dispatch Center

GPS Routed Trucks

GPS Routed Trucks

Trafficade Service offers a 24-hour dispatch center, for those times when 8-5 hours just are not enough. This 24-hour service includes:

  • GPS Truck Monitoring and Routing
  • Computer Dispatched Trucks
  • Knowledgeable Customer Service Agents

Traffic Control Plans

Trafficade also provides help in drawing up traffic control plans, so that you are sure everything is done quickly, efficiently, and correctly. These services include:

  • CAD Drawn
  • Fast Turnaround/Agency Submittal
  • Plans Submitted and Filed in Electronic Format